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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Love Your Selfies! The Easiest Top Tips from Models and Photographers

Who doesn’t feel a sense of excitement when you nail a selfie that you actually love?  Ever look in the mirror someplace and think “wow – I actually look like the vision I had in my mind – I need to capture this now”?  This is followed by at least fifteen snaps on your phone from various angles and the expressions, usually followed by despair, and “arghhhh I don’t look as good as I thought I did”.  Stop! It’s not you but how you are taking the picture, and believe me when I say models take tons of selfies in every sort of situation, trying to find the right angles, the best light, and the hottest/freshest/cutest expressions  - and so should you.

1)  Start with a flattering light without shadows or bright spots.  Try facing a window when indoors as that is probably going to be the brightest and most natural light in the room.  Face the window directly for some shots and at an angle for others and see what works for you. 

2)  Watch out for distortion:  Tweety Bird foreheads and Jay Leno chins don’t make for great selfies.  Extend your arm and see what distance keeps the right proportions of your face. 

3)  Expressions – pro tips from top beauty photographers: 

Sticking your chin out and then down when facing the camera directly diminishes the prominence of your nose and makes you open your eyes in a way that plays up a bright-eyed innocent look with big lashes.  This is a great way to capture a fresh-faced, innocent look.

                                                                                    (click pic to enlarge)
Tilting your chin a bit upwards gives the face allure as the eyes become “bedroom eyes” that are dreamy and half open, the cheekbones and jawline become more refined, and the mouth will be slightly open giving the lips a sexy look. This position works well with a glam look with makeup.

                                                               (click pic to enlarge)
4)  Don’t be afraid to smile or be natural and “real”.  These are the selfies you will love later as they will evoke happy memories or fun moments.  Just make sure your smile has a laugh behind it or it will look fake and both you and those who look at the pic will know it. Always tell a story with your eyes no matter what the emotion is behind the pic.  You aren’t a paper cutout and neither should your selfies be, so practice and try these tips and you will have more pics to love and much less to delete.    

                                                            XOXO Shelley 

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