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Monday, June 19, 2017

Perfect Peachy Pout: Summer's Freshest Lip

The perfect peachy pout is a look that suits everyone and looks amazing in summer, and can go from sexy to sophisticated depending on the formula you choose.  Peach tones give skin a healthy glow that says “I just ate a creamiscle at the beach”.  Choose matte for work days, glossy for steamy nights, and moisturizing balms for weekends. 

Here are my top new picks for summer: 

Lighten up your color palette for summer and let your skin be the star attraction. Less product, less contrast, less definition, more glow, more natural skin tone, and more compliments! 

                                                                 XOXO  Shelley

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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Model Mishaps and Nightmare Castings

On the printed page modeling looks glamorous, filled with luxury products and fashion, gorgeous makeup and hair, and most people think the model was pampered into these looks and just had to show up and be beautiful, and then get paid.  The reality is, it takes so much to actually get to the point where a photo appears in a publication or a model walks down the runway.  Rather than just having a rant about the injustices and abuses in the modeling world, I wanted to share with you some of the cringe-worthy stories I have heard from my model friends over the years.  We laugh about these things now but they were anything but funny when they happened.

It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt, right?  One model friend was working on set in Japan and had a large light fall on her head - ouch - and on another occasion had to work with a very nasty monkey that wanted nothing to do with her - yikes.  Another friend became sick with a high fever while on a shoot for a magazine in Algeria, but the shoot went on.  Only when the magazine came out did she see that in one shot she was standing bare foot in broken glass, in a shot she can’t remember even doing.  Noticing a trend here?  It can’t be overstated enough how important it is for models to have travel health insurance.  It is as important as your passport and ticket!  

A couple of my friends who worked with Armani had equal parts reverence for the famed fashion house and fear, both of the casting process and of the actual work.  Armani has it’s own showroom complete with runway which is lit from underneath.  Models of all shapes and descriptions on the casting were provided with a sheer bodysuit that they had to wear without anything more than a small g-string underneath, and walk the runway barefoot in front of the casting directors and often Armani himself, all of whom sat under lights at the end of the runway to conceal their expressions.  The models in the dressing room waited for their turns while trying to maintain their modesty, everyone looking down or away and feeling intensely awkward.  Let’s be clear that models are often down to their strings in front of stylists and dressers, but when they are actually being paid for a booking, and not just in front of a bunch of other models on a casting waiting to seal their fate with a barefoot, nearly naked walk down a runway in front of people you can’t even see. 

The casting wasn’t the only situation the brought fear to these models.  One had to wear shoes that were two sizes too large for her and naturally one shoe fell off while walking on the runway in front of a group of Japanese buyers – she smiled, picked up the shoe and continued her walk – what else could she do?  Armani himself came charging into the dressing room raging at her and the dressers and before the model could pack up to leave, her agency had been called and she was in hot water.  When it was realized that the model was only given shoes that were clearly not her size and forced to wear them even though it was impossible, she was reinstated.  Imagine the feeling walking into the salon the next time to work, receiving glaring looks from the dressers??  Nerves of steel!

Sometimes a model doesn’t even get to the set before a drama unfolds.  Nearly all my model friends have had a hair stylist who burned the tips of their ears or their neck with a hot curling or straightening iron, another had one hair stylist actually coat her hair with Vaseline to glue it down (she thought it was gel).  It is no easy feat to remove Vaseline from hair and it finally took repeat washings with a grease-cutting dish detergent to remove it from her hair.  Stylists who pinch, poke pins into a model, or mumble about her or him under their breath, or editors and art directors who talk about them thinking they are deaf and can’t hear them, are all hazards of the business and woe to the model who lets these things ruin the experience for her.  For every horror story there are lots of great experiences models can have working, traveling, and learning about the fashion, beauty and branding businesses. 

There are as many modeling mishaps as there are models and I will share more in the future.  On-set horror stories from the point of view of photographers, make-up artists, and stylists are just as numerous and I will share those too.

Next time you look at those glossy pages with those stunning unicorns in gorgeous fashion, consider that there might have been a nightmare casting before the model actually booked the job, a stylist who brought the wrong sizes, a hair stylist who had too much caffeine, a makeup artist who didn’t clean their brushes and had pink eye herself, and maybe even an editor who had a vision they couldn’t express and no one understood.  These images don’t come easy – they are just supposed to look like they did.

                                                               XOXO  Shelley

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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Style Crush: Lady Gaga Collaborates with Tiffany's for their New "HardWear Collection"

Tiffany’s modern day muse is a little less Holly-go-lightly and a whole lot of Lady Gaga, who fronts the house’s new “HardWear” campaign.  

Building on the iconic “ball and chain” collection, which originally debuted in 1971, the collection pays tribute to New York City and its unabashed power and frenetic energy.  Chain link, ball bearings, wrecking balls, and padlocks rendered in rose gold, 18K gold, and in silver, the collection embodies a strong, modern woman who rebels against traditional roles, defining her own path.  

Who better to represent the “HardWear” campaign than the iconic Gaga, a powerful woman herself, who truly is the definition of the modern woman blazing her own trail and smashing stereotypes along the way?  Little Monsters everywhere just got a style inspo upgrade. 

                                                                 XOXO Shelley

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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

You Smell Delicious – New Scents for Summer

Trying out a new fragrance in summer is such a treat and each year’s array of choices makes me wish summer was twice as long so I could try them all.  Summer scents tend to be less heavy and heady than winter scents, meaning more florals, citrus, and earthy scents that fit perfectly with bare shoulders and exposed skin.

Floral:  Tom Ford Fleur de Portofino
           Chloe Love Story Sensuelle

Citrus:  Jimmy Choo L’Eau
          Herm├Ęs Un Jardin sur le Toit

Warm:  Penhaligan’s Portraits Clandestine Clara
           Tory Burch Love Relentlessly

Earthy:  Bulgari Jasmin Noir
             Berdoues Assam of India

 All fragrances available at Sephora

Rather than having my usual signature fragrance this summer I am going to mix things up with a touch of intrigue by matching my fragrance to my outfit.  Not being predictable and having an air of mystery is always enticing. 

        XOXO  Shelley

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