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Friday, April 13, 2018

Industry Powerhouse Seeks to Improve Standards for the Business of Modeling

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Industry changes are happening, albeit very slowly, to improve the working conditions and standards of modeling and on-set life, and now actions are being taken by industry powerhouses to address the issues of payment and non-payment of models.  

It is common for models to be nearly always in debt to their agencies, or in a holding pattern to be paid for work they have done.  Agencies charge for expenses that are often not accounted for with receipts for the model and withhold pay for ninety days or longer after a job, oftentimes putting the model in a vulnerable financial position which removes all power she has over her career and relationship with the agency.  It can be much worse for foreign models who are away from home and family, and who have a language barrier.  

To be clear, agents send invoices to clients the day a job is completed, and demand payment within one week if not sooner.  They then use that money to cover the agency overhead such as salaries and operating expenses.  When the model requests her fee she is told that the client hasn’t paid, and the agency will delay for three or more months before making any payment to the model.  After they take their percentage and the model’s owed expenses such as for rent, comp cards, and travel, the model may receive a payment.  Sometimes models are told that they have so much debt with the agency that they will not be paid at all.  Models are often made to feel like they have no right to ask for their earnings, and that they should not expect receipts for billed expenses.  The agency has complete control over the model’s financial situation which in turn means where she lives, where she travels for work, and her budget for food, and transportation.  

The industry has gone unchecked or monitored for decades and these sort of payment practices are not acceptable today.  The industry is dated in its treatment of its workers, and the time has come for regulation.  Freelance does not mean free. Agents do not work for free, and neither do models. 

Please seek advice through www.modelalliance.org to know your rights, to be informed, and to ask for legal help for any modeling industry issues you are experiencing. 

                                                        XOXO Shelley

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Saturday, April 7, 2018

Festival Season Beauty - Time to Shine

Festival season is almost here and it’s high time to kiss winter goodbye and let your wild child shine.  And shine is an understatement this year.  The best beauty looks will be creative, colorful, and high on the glitter factor.  

The key looks have holographic qualities, using a rainbow of colors that are meant to be other-worldly.  The opposite of minimalism, go for bright shades, worn all together, and top them off with shine and glitter, including your hair.  

Many brands have created festival kits for both beauty and hair with all you need to create ethereal mermaid looks and unicorn hair.  Check out sephora.com to find kits that have everything you need in portable sizes.  

Be yourself, be unique and create your own stand out beauty looks. When else can you totally throw out all the beauty rules and have this much fun with makeup?  

                                                             XOXO Shelley

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Saturday, March 31, 2018

Hair Sheets: Convenient, On-The-Go Hair Solutions

While dry shampoo has become a hair care staple, there are times when carrying around a small aerosol can is not convenient, or in the case of air travel, not possible.  Convenient towelettes offer the perfect solution to a multitude of hair issues on the go and are portable and disposable. 

Winter hats and dry heat can make static buildup, and it’s no secret that an anti-static dryer sheet rubbed across that hair eliminates the fly-aways.  But what about other hair issues like an oily buildup, frizzies from humidity, and oder from food or smoke?  There are several different hair sheets that address these various concerns, leaving less residue and weight than dry shampoo, giving hair a lift.

I tend to get an oily area at the crown of my hair while the rest of my hair is normal, so I like oil absorbing products that work like face blotting papers, only much more effectively, eliminating the oil so I can style it.  Sometimes after a blow dry my hair lacks shine, but adding a shine product can be heavy on my fine hair.  Gently running a lightly moistened towelette infused with shea butter or lavender oil from the middle of my hair shafts down to the ends eliminates fly-aways and makes it shine.  Those whose hair easily gets frizzy in humid conditions should use sheets that create a barrier on the hair to block out moisture.  

Try these sheets for quick hair fixes between work and an evening out, post workout, after a hair style destroying flight, or just to extend the time between normal washing.  

                                                             XOXO Shelley

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