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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Model Perfection, Photoshop and Filters ! Why don't my Photos look that?

Next time you are scanning magazines, Instagram feeds, and websites, and you see a perfect photo of a flawless model in a dreamy location and you start to think to yourself “why don’t my pictures ever look like that?’ or “why does my hair and makeup never look like that even when I spent hours on it” – just STOP!

You know all about image manipulation and photo-shopping of magazine and web images, and you’ve probably tried out photo filters on your phone to enhance your own pics, but there is often so much to it than that, and keeping this in mind when you look at these altered images takes the sting out of it this perceived perfection.  It takes a whole team to make an image for a magazine editorial when working with a model, and an even bigger crew when the feature involves a celebrity. Models and movie stars are mere mortals and just like the rest of us, not a single one of them arrives on set looking like the final image.

A typical editorial shoot has a large crew to make a production go smoothly and to help the team achieve the images to create the “story”.  The model may have been cast by the magazine’s booking editor, or a casting director.  The producer takes care of the location, catering, transportation, scheduling, and budget management.  The fashion or beauty editor represents the magazine, has the “concept” of the shoot planned out ahead of time, and sourced the other members of the team.  They might also have assistants on set.  The photographer and their assistants look after the technical aspects of the shoot and interpret the story line given by the editor.  The digital tech processes the images as the shoot progresses, so the team can be certain they are on the right track.

The stylist brings all the clothing, shoes, accessories and jewelry that fit the concept and will have several options for last minute switch-ups.  The stylist also pins, stitches, clips, irons, tapes, and alters the styling to fit perfectly for the purposes of the shot.   The makeup artist and hair stylist are given a mood or inspiration board, and it typically takes two hours to transform the model into the “look” that fits the storyline for the shoot. 

For each shot the model and photographer work to compose the image, whether it is a static, posed shot, or if the model needs to repeat a specific movement.  Add in the changing lighting conditions, wind, or other variables in a shot such as waves, crowds, or vehicles, and each shot must be done like choreographed routine when shooting on location.  And normally the team shoots eight such images in a day for a magazine editorial.  The production team must be creative, good collaborators, proficient, and flexible to get it all done in a day.  Catalogue shoots might rotate models and shoot twenty “looks” per day.  Advertising projects might have an illustrated storyboard for the shoot, and the team is then  led by an art director. 

After each shoot is completed, the images are edited by the fashion or beauty editor and the photographer, to choose the best shots to tell the story.  These images then proceed to the post-production stage to be manipulated and retouched.  Hair out of place or skin imperfections?  Gone.  The dress blew in an odd way when the model moved?  Corrected.  Less than idea lighting conditions?  Brightened.  Tourists looking on at the edge of the frame?  Out.  Model’s eyes too small, legs too thick, hair not full enough?  Altered.  Colors too dull?  Enhanced.

It takes a team of top professionals to create the best possible images on set, and then the image is still manipulated to be optimal and void of any “imperfections”.  This is the case in nearly all photo productions.  How can anyone without all this creative help ever achieve these type of images?
So don’t compare yourself, or judge, or feel inadequate when you see your photos and feel they fall short.  Do your best and be your most amazing self.  Practice what looks good for you in photos.  Try filters, but not all the time.  There is nothing “wrong” or “less” about being yourself. 

When I started modeling there was no photo-shopping of images after they were completed. We used black and white Polaroids to check the light and the details. Yes, we still had a team, and it was so gratifying to see my pictures later knowing how hard we all worked together to make it happen.  We appreciated the efforts so much more.  It was me!  It was real!  Technology has trained our brains to expect perfection in images – and in ourselves – but it is not a true representation of reality.  No one can measure up to these standards. 

I have many posts on this blog to show you from my perspective as a model how to put your best face forward and pose like a star in photos!

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My book “Face This: Real Advicefrom Real Models on How to Become Picture Perfect!: A Model’s Secrets”  gives in-depth tips and photo illustrations to anyone who wants to look better in photos.  In today’s social media world, who doesn’t need this advice?  You can find my book on Amazon!

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Monday, July 18, 2016

Cayley King - Future Supermodel and Our Model Crush Monday!

Mid-west American beauty Cayley King is exploding on to the modeling scene and on her way to becoming one of America’s future supermodels.  Two years ago at age 16 her Dad emailed pictures of Cayley to Ford Models Chicago’s website and before she knew it, she was on her way traveling to NYC, Europe, and Asia.

Cayley has walked for Versace where she admitted the high heels were a major challenge, but she is sure to get tons of practice in the coming seasons.  She is quickly racking up credits in the top magazines like V Magazine, Interview, i-D, British Vogue, Bazaar Germany, Vogue Italia, Surf Magazine and Elle Kazakhsta, and has shot campaigns for Sass & Bide, Forever 21 and Carolina Sarria.

Cayley recently broke away from the pack of commercial blonde haired models by shaving part of her hair off, which immediately gave her an amazing editorial look with a touch of androgyny. Going from a fresh-faced teen to a striking editorial model with international appeal has changed the trajectory of her career. Remember her name – I predict an all-American supermodel on the horizon.

Cayley King’s Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/caylaylay/

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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Modeling HOW TO: Stand out and Get Noticed!

Most models will tell you stories of long castings stuck in corridors, looking around at a sea of clones all dressed in tight black clothes, wearing heels, and with their hair pulled back in a pony tail.  How is a model supposed to stand out and get noticed?  There is no golden ticket answer, but how you present yourself and the impression you leave can go a long way in increasing your odds of separating yourself from the pack and getting the booking.

For over a decade the modeling industry has seen an extremely limited range of models, which is the polar opposite of the “cult of personality” of the supermodel era.  Knowing how agents and clients perceive you is critical: do they consider you professional, mature, focused, committed?  Do they see you as a waif when you feel like a bombshell?  There can’t be a disconnect here or it will mean a much bigger struggle to achieving your dreams. 

There are golden rules to creating a great reputation as a model so pay attention: 

  • Always be professional:  Strive for a good relationship with your bookers and agents, since you must work as a team to build your career.  Always being professional, means being reliable, cheerful, a team player, on time, and never being a know-it-all.  If your agents and bookers know you are ambitious, focused, and a good listener, they are more likely to go above and beyond to help you achieve your dreams.  Ask them how you can build your brand to get more attention from editors and casting directors.  Be interested, and interesting!

  • Be original:  The old adage that you should always be yourself because no one can do it better than you is true, and no more so than in building a modeling career.  Don’t be a cookie-cutter model. No one can do you better than YOU!  And do yourself a favor and don’t look at all the other models in the model apartments or at castings and measure yourself against them.  Ever.  Everyone is building their own career, so concern yourself with yours.  That goes for fashioning your “look” on another model – it doesn’t work, and a copy is just a copy. 

  • Know your strengths and work them:  Whether it is high cheekbones, long legs, amazing eyebrows, a great body, a supermodel walk, a chameleon face, or a great personality, see it for the advantage that it is and work it.  Are you a good mover, or a power poser? Are you athletic or super feminine, androgynous or sexy?  Own it and make it work for you.

  • Be aware of your social media presence:  This is somewhere that you can have more control over your “model image” and show your strengths to their best advantage.  But be careful what you show – clients DO look at model’s social media accounts – it matters!  If you are athletic and can do cartwheels, here is your platform to show it off.  If you are a fun-loving model who likes to dance and giggle, make a little clip and post it to show you have a great personality.  Just remember – the industry is watching.

Be fearless:  Stay true to yourself because clients and agents notice a confident, focused model who is a pleasure to work with, who delivers, and is professional.  There are too many models with hang ups, insecurities, or a bad attitude, so don’t be that model – and you will stand out for being the opposite!  Be YOU!

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