Sunday, August 18, 2019

Celeb Makeup Artist Colleen Stone Explains Why Skin Care is One of The Most Important Steps in a Great Makeup Look:

You face is a canvas for the makeup artist. That’s why it’s so important to have the healthiest and hydrated canvas before starting makeup. It’s nearly impossible to fake a gorgeous glow on dehydrated, flakey skin. The more product the makeup artist needs to apply to camouflage damaged skin the less you will look like you aren’t wearing makeup especially in real life. Of course with lighting techniques and retouching in photography you can get away with more concealer and a heavier base, but if we are talking about achieving that awesome glowing skin IRL or for your special event, the more skin care comes into play.  Celeb makeup artist Colleen Stone breaks it down with the best advice and the products she uses so we can look just as good as her models and celebrity clients.  

“I often am confronted with women who have aggressively exfoliated their skin using prescription retinoids and their skin has redness and irritation and the foundation tends to have a hard time really adhering to the skin. I think retinoid products are great for anti-aging but if you have serious irritation you need to cut back on how often you use it, perhaps every other night or find a less irritating formula. If you have a big event coming up like a wedding, it might be best to stop your retinoid products and concentrate on hydrating and nourishing the skin at least two weeks to a month before the event.”

“For a really smooth foundation application I might use just one product or a combination of a few to get the skin ready for the perfect foundation application.  If the skin is rough or flakey I will use an exfoliating product such as Sexappeal from Sonia Roselli.  I always aim for something gentle so as not to irritate the skin.”

Find it:  Sonia Roselli

“For the perfect pout exfoliate with Fenty Beauty Lip Scrub to make sure the lips are smooth, and then an application of Lanolips  or Lucas Pawpaw on top to moisturize.  Remove the excess before applying a lip color.” 

Find it:  Fenty Beauty

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Find it:  Lucas Pawpaw

“For puffiness under the eyes I’ll pop on Peter Thomas Roth’s Cucumber De-Tox Hydra Gel patches  for 10 minutes. It’s even better if you keep them in the fridge as the cold helps constrict blood vessels.”

“I don’t really use primer but prefer a moisturizer with hyaluronic acid to plump up and moisturize the skin. I use Dermalogica Calm Water Gel for normal to dry skin and Peter Thomas Roth Ultra Lite Oil Free Moisturizer for skin that tends to be oily. If I still feel like I need a primer, I will use Laura Mercier Classic Primer. It always sinks in to the skin and doesn’t ball up under foundation like some other primers with silicone. For a glass like skin, I will moisturize well first and then apply J.One Jelly Pack as a primer.  Use a damp Beauty blender with a spritz of Mac Prep & Prime to apply foundation for a seamless application.”

Find it:  Dermalogica

Find it:  Peter Thomas Roth

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Find it:  J. One

I’m already switching up my products for my upcoming events and, let’s face it, to take better selfies.  The better the skincare maintenance, the more beautiful the makeup look.  

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Saturday, August 10, 2019

Modeling Industry Leaders Call on Victoria's Secret to Join the RESPECT Program to Protect Models


The Model Alliance has penned an open letter to Victoria’s Secret and its CEO John Mehas urging them to join the RESPECT Program and to commit to protecting models from predatory behavior and sexual misconduct.  Connection between alleged sex trafficker Jeffery Epstein and L Brands CEO Leslie Wexner, along with allegations of sexual assault naming several renowned VS photographers prompted the letter which has been signed by over one hundred models and industry powerhouses including editors and photographers.  To be clear, models have every right to expect fair treatment by everyone in the industry, to be safe, to be protected by those responsible for their careers, and to be given respect.  These are not just model issues, but human rights issues.   

Read the letter here, and follow the links below to see news coverage:

Model Alliance & TIME'S UP Call on Victoria's Secret to join the RESPECT Program

On Tuesday, the Model Alliance issued an open letter calling on Victoria’s Secret to protect its models and aspiring models from sexual misconduct by joining the RESPECT Program.

The letter came in response to multiple allegations of predatory behavior by Victoria's Secret-affiliated photographers Timur Emek, David Bellemere and Greg Kadel, and a recent article in the New York Times about the link between L Brands’ CEO Leslie Wexner and alleged sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, who reportedly lured and abused vulnerable girls by posing as a talent scout for Victoria's Secret.

Together, with over 100 models — including Christy Turlington Burns, Edie Campbell, Karen Elson, Milla Jovovich, Doutzen Kroes, Iskra Lawrence, Carolyn Murphy, Lyndsey Scott, and Gemma Ward—as well as industry supporters, photographers Inez and Vinoodh and former Glamour editor-in-chief Cindi Leive, and TIME'S UP, we urged Victoria’s Secret CEO John Mehas to take meaningful steps to remedy the situation and work towards prevention by joining the RESPECT Program — the only existing anti-sexual harassment program designed by and for models.

We are hopeful that Victoria's Secret will take these issues seriously, and use its power and influence to help address these concerns that have plagued the industry for far too long. We believe that if Victoria's Secret were to take a stand against these abuses and commit to meaningful change by joining the RESPECT Program, this would go a long way in helping our industry chart a new path forward. 

Since the release of the letter, many media outlets have covered our collective call to action. Please find links to some of the press coverage below.

Thank you for your support and belief that industry leaders like Victoria's Secret can and must do better by the modeling talent they rely on. We are grateful for your continued support.


The Model Alliance Team


John Mehas, CEO
Victoria's Secret LLC
Three Limited Parkway
Columbus, Ohio 43230

Dear Mr. Mehas,

We are writing today to express our concern for the safety and wellbeing of the models and young women who aspire to model for Victoria’s Secret. In the past few weeks, we have heard numerous allegations of sexual assault, alleged rape, and sex trafficking of models and aspiring models. While these allegations may not have been aimed at Victoria's Secret directly, it is clear that your company has a crucial role to play in remedying the situation.  From the headlines about L Brands CEO Leslie Wexner’s close friend and associate, Jeffrey Epstein, to the allegations of sexual misconduct by photographers Timur Emek, David Bellemere, and Greg Kadel, it is deeply disturbing that these men appear to have leveraged their working relationships with Victoria’s Secret to lure and abuse vulnerable girls.
These stories are gut-wrenching and hit close to home for many of us who have encountered these kinds of abuses that are too often tolerated in our industry. We stand with the courageous women who have come forward and shared their stories, despite fears of retaliation or harm to their careers. It breaks our hearts to keep hearing these stories. We can and must do better. It is time for RESPECT.

The RESPECT Program—a program of the Model Alliance—is the only existing anti-sexual harassment program designed by and for models. Signatory companies make a binding commitment to require their employees, agents, vendors, photographers and other contractors to follow a code of conduct that protects everyone’s safety on the job, and reduces models’ vulnerability to mistreatment. Models have access to an independent, confidential complaint mechanism, with swift and fair resolution of complaints and appropriate consequences for abusers. Further, RESPECT includes a robust training program aimed toward prevention, to ensure that everyone understands their rights and responsibilities.

We are calling on Victoria’s Secret to take meaningful action to protect its talent and those who aspire to work with the company. Victoria’s Secret has the opportunity to be a leader, to use its power and influence to bring about the changes that are urgently needed in our industry. Every day, fashion brands, publishing companies, and agencies set the norms of what’s acceptable and what’s not in fashion. If Victoria’s Secret were to take a stand against these abuses and commit to meaningful change by joining the RESPECT Program, this would go a long way in helping our industry chart a new path forward.

Victoria’s Secret, change can start with you.  Together, we can lead the industry to RESPECT.  Join us.

Model Alliance

                                                               XOXO Shelley

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Thursday, August 8, 2019

Bigger is Better: Comfort is Key Status-Sneakers

Sometimes an ironic fashion statement just makes sense. Case in point: oversized sneakers that continue to dominate over heels of just about any height.  While they have been on the radar for a few seasons now already, so-called Dad sneakers are beating out handbags and sunglasses as the top status symbol to wear by just about everyone in all walks of life - pun intended.  If ever there was a time to actually walk comfortably and still be in fashion, it’s now. Designers are creating new and extreme styles that seem futuristic and irreverent all at the same time.  Don’t just save them for weekends, and go ahead and pair them with anything and everything, from dresses, to tailored looks, athleisure wear to jeans.  The new rules for statement sneakers are there are no rules!  Amp up your sports-luxe looks with quasi-running shoes, graphic low tops, imitation snakeskin, techno-colors, pastels, clunky soles, platforms (for a little extra height just like you’d get with heels) and bold logos.  Whatever your budget you can jump on this trend and run with it.  Your feet will thank you! 

My top picks for Fall and Winter 2019/20:

                                                               XOXO Shelley

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