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Monday, January 16, 2017

Model Crush Monday – All-American Karlie Kloss

There are not too many models in the stratosphere of mid-western beauty Karlie Kloss.  And not just because she has reached the pinnacle of the modeling industry, but literally – Karlie is 6’2” – without heels.  Those legs go on for days - and days! At age 24, Karlie has already been modeling for a decade and has accomplished everything from high-end editorials, countless turns on the runway, cosmetic contracts, to fronting campaigns worldwide. 

Karlie is a long-time favorite of editors, photographers, and creative directors for her ability to move gracefully and fluidly, creating images that are striking and memorable.  She understands exactly what will work for her long lines, for which credits her many years of ballet training.  None of this would matter if she didn’t have her classic bone structure and uniquely arched eyebrows.  Just as she is able to create a story with her movements, she is just as animated with her expressions, making her chameleon-like, and a true original.  

Meeting Taylor Swift for the first while she performed at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in 2013 while Karlie strutted the runway, began a friendship between the two that sets the bar for #squadgoals.  Two like-minded beauties with brains and talent – BFF’s forever. 

Using her influence to benefit others, Karlie, an avid baker, sells Karlie’s Kookies where a portion of the proceeds supports FEED Projects to donate meals to starving children worldwide - #loveher!  A passionate coder, she has also created a scholarship program for young girls to encourage them to learn computer programming and software engineering called Kode With Karlie. 

It’s not hard to see Karlie Kloss as the whole package, living and embodying the American dream, making her our #dreamgirl.

                                                            XOXO Shelley

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Friday, January 13, 2017

Winter Hair Hacks You Need to Know NOW!

Winter can do such a number on your hair, leaving behind breakage, split ends, static, frizz, and a dry scalp, none of which has any appeal at all.  Indoors, forced heating dries out your hair and scalp, while outdoors it’s cold and windy, meaning a hat is an absolute must, even if that entails fly-aways and brittle hair.  No, you don’t have to suffer to be beautiful and freeze in the process, but you do need to take precautions and be proactive to protect your hair from the elements.  Wear the hat!

Here are the top tips for maintaining your hair through the winter, damage-free with luster and shine:

Begin by washing your hair a maximum of twice a week using lukewarm water as hot water strips your hair strands of the oils that seal and protect the shafts, exposing them to damage.  Towel-dry by simply patting the hair rather than squeezing it or combing it as this will exacerbate any damage you have already. Follow up by blow-drying your hair using a wide-toothed comb and your fingers rather than a brush at first, and setting the blow dryer on warm.  Finish up by drying your hair with a well vented brush that contains both synthetic and boar bristles, using the dryer on the cool setting to lock in shine. Invest in a humidifier at home to help maintain the moisture levels in both your skin and hair during the winter months.  Getting a regular trim will remove any damaged ends and give your hair movement and an over-all healthy look.

Using the same hair products in winter that you use in summer will go against every effort you make with your hair.  The scalp in winter can often be more dry and flaky so using a moisture-retaining shampoo will reduce build-up and lift your hair at the roots for more volume.  Try: Pantene Pro-V Nature Fusion Moisture Balancing Shampoo.

Fight hair static with a leave-in conditioner that contains humectants for moisture retention.  Try: Ouidad Moisture Lock Leave-In Conditioner.

Hair oil conditions the hair strands, replenishing and sealing in moisture for shine.  Argan Oil is an amazing moisturizing ingredient found in both skincare and hair care products.  Try: MoroccanOil Original Treatment

Once a week apply a hair mask to restore shine and to deep condition your hair.  Try: Fekkai Intensive Fortifying Masque Indulgent Repair.

Beautiful winter hair is completely possible if you take a bit of extra care by using the appropriate products and caring for your locks – you will thank yourself in Spring! 
                                                         XOXO  Shelley

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Monday, January 9, 2017

Model Crush Monday – Sasha Pivoverova

Few models can claim a track record like Russian beauty Sasha Pivoverova.  Sasha began modeling in 2005 after her friend sent pictures of her to IMG while she was a student at art school. Jump to 2017 and Sasha is still at the top of the modeling world, renowned for her ability to transcend the trends and whims of the the fashion industry.

Known for her wide-set icy blue eyes, high sculpted cheekbones, heart-shaped face, and almost alien-like beauty, Sasha has appeared on runways, on covers  and in campaigns around the world, ranging from high street brands like H&M, to her legendary record-breaking 19 campaigns for Prada.  Not merely a stunning and unique model, Sasha's artwork reflects her own beauty, with dramatic portraits of large-eyed women and fantastical representations of the world around her, that her works have been published in Vogue Paris, and is 2011 she designed a sleepwear collection for GAP.  

Her theatrical beauty emanates from within her, not just through her bone structure and coloring. Sasha is every editor’s and art director’s dream model who can be transformed into the concept at hand, while throwing her own unique, creative twist into her interpretation of each project. Sasha is a once classic and timeless, while still edgy, different, and new. 

Mom to daughter Mia, Sasha continues to model, to create art, and to defy the rules of the fashion industry, blazing her own path.  Her edgy, other-worldly beauty is ageless and irreplaceable. Sasha is truly a modern muse.

xoxo Shelley 

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