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Friday, October 28, 2016

Be a Babe in Braids! Inspiration For The Best Braids For Every Skill Level

Braids are having a moment and for good reason: they are the hairstyle equivalent of a lifesaver.  Going out and want to create a sexy look?  Windy day and you want a style that won’t fail?  Haven’t washed your hair or gotten a blow out in a couple of days?  Lazy weekend and you want to look like you at least made something of an effort before you went to brunch?  Getting married and want a modern version of an up-do?  Working out and want to rock something more original than a ponytail? Braids are your answer, so if you have been hesitating to give them a try, fearing you might look a little bit like Heidi on a hillside in Switzerland, give them a try!  There is a style for every skill level.  They don’t have to be “perfect” and precise, so don’t stress if you are new to braiding your own hair.  If you are really dexterous there are amazing styles you can try for all hair types.  You Tube is loaded with how-to videos so you can take your time and learn various braiding techniques at your own pace.  Consider this you inspiration guide and get braiding!  

If your hair is newly washed, use a dry shampoo to add volume and create texture on the hair shafts so the style will have a bit more hold to it and not simply fall out. 

For a sexy, romantic look, gently pull at the braids to loosen them slightly releasing small hairs.  This works really well with a fishtail braid and can cover up a less-than-perfect technique.

If you washed your hair a day or two ago, use a volumizing product to add texture and add a tiny bit of hair oil to the palms of your hands to add a bit of shine along the strands as you braid them.  It isn’t necessary to braid the entire head, so try just one or two braids and use hairpins to secure them in place.   

Feeling really creative?  Go wild and design your own fearless, bad ass warrior princess look. Own it!  

XOXO  Shelley

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