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Monday, January 30, 2017

Model Crush Monday – Three New Supermodels Cover Vogue UK for February 2017

In a tribute to models as icons of style and beauty Vogue UK has broken the trend of celebs as cover stars and put three new supermodels on the cover of their February 2017 issue, lensed by the legendary Patrick Demarchelier. And it is high time!  We have waited too long between covers featuring models rather than celebrities or social media stars, and this issue is bound to become a collector’s edition in short order.  Kudos to British Vogue for bucking the trend and pressure from Hollywood to put a actress on the cover, especially during awards season. 

Imaan Hammam, Taylor Hill, and Anna Ewars are breakaway supermodels who represent the new era of beauty and fashion, swinging the pendulum clearly back to bombshell models with Amazonian bodies, curves, and individual looks that is as far from cookie-cutter as a model can get. 

Taylor Hill is the new face for Lancome, a classic beauty who can channel Audrey Hepburn one moment and Julia Roberts the next. 

Imaan Hammam, born in Holland an Egyptian father and Moroccan mother and is Muslim identifies with blacks, Arabs, and Europeans. 

Anna Ewars’ femme fatale body combined with her sultry girl-next door looks hints at a new-era Brigitte Bardot, and has the campaigns, and editorials to prove it. 

It’s been a long time coming and we are so ready to be excited by supermodels again, eager to embrace these statuesque women with healthy bodies, and otherworldly beauty.  That incredible beauty is made all that much more intriguing by Vogue who chose to showcase these women without altering them with a lot of makeup or stylized hair.  They don’t need help to be gorgeous and it is so refreshing to celebrate a woman looking as “real” as a supermodel ever looks – thank you Vogue!  More please!!

                                                          XOXO Shelley

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Monday, May 9, 2016

Taylor Hill - Model Crush Monday!

This week's Model Crush Monday is the amazing Taylor Hill, known for her gamine beauty that channels Audrey Hepburn, mixed with a healthy does of all-American sex appeal - which explains why she is one of the newest and most gorgeous Victoria Secret Angels.  Taylor is one of those rare models that easily crosses over between walking the runway and shooting editorials with the best fashion and beauty photographers in the world, to modeling bikinis and lingerie for Victoria Secret.  With full eyebrows, pillow lips, doe eyes with long lashes, not to mention fit legs for days ... Taylor shows a positive body image that is a throw back to the supermodels of the eighties.  And look what happened to those 80's supermodels and where they all went in their careers!  I'd love to be a part of HER girl squad!

Photos courtesy of Instagram:   taylor_hill      https://www.instagram.com/taylor_hill/