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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Top Halloween Makeup Trends Inspired by Fashion Runways and Editorials

Runway and editorial makeup is sometimes so deliciously off the wall that we can’t stop thinking how much fun it would be to try some of these looks.  Designers and editors want to make a style statement that sets off the designs in a memorable way, often creating looks that have as much impact as the fashion.  It can be very theatrical and dramatic, which is why Halloween is the perfect time to try out these extreme hair and makeup looks.  
Snapchat filters
Channel your inner Harajuku girl or alter ego goth.  Pay tribute to David Bowie in your best Ziggy Stardust, or 1960’s super-mod. This year’s top Halloween makeup trend just might be snapchat filters or emojis – talk about a social media moment!  Selfie!  Makeup lovers are going to go wild with all the choices for amazing Halloween looks this year, so don’t hold back. This is the moment to rock your best fashion-inspired over-the-top look and use all your makeup skills while you are at it.

1960's Super-Mod

Pin-curl Goth

David Bowie's Ziggy Stardust
xoxo Shelley

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