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Saturday, August 4, 2012

DIY beaded and embellished shoes! How to make them yourself..

As promised, how to make your own beaded shoe tutorial! And here's what you'll need:

Sandals: These are from Payless on sale for only $14.99 {get them HERE} they are suede which was super easy to glue on. I think sandals are the easiest shoe to work with because you have access between the straps. Keep in mind if you want to use a medallion like these that you will need to choose the right style to be able to that.

Seed beads: These are easy enough to find, but make sure for this project that you get them in a flat matte color and not shiny, transparent. They come in different sizes - for this project I used #11. Seed beads roll around easily so use a piece of felt to keep that from happening.

Thread: There are a few options here, clear or color. I decided to use an orange thread to match my shoe and it can be regular spool thread or embroidery thread. You can also use illusion cord sold in craft stores but make sure it is thin enough for your bead.

Needle: This is a no brainer and you MUST get a beading needle which is long and bends easily. I bought this needle at Michaels in a 4 pack and it has the eye attached to make threading easy peezy!

You'll want to start by making your bead strings that you'll be using. I found that the longer the strand the easier it was to work with. For the multi-color you don't need to follow a pattern but here is a close up to give you an idea how this shoe looks. And you can see my beed string matches perfectly with the store bought beading.

Glue: The best and strongest glue that dries clear to use for these projects is E-6000. It also helps if you can use a glue syringe to apply it so it doesn't become a big mess. You can get them {HERE}for a few bucks. I forgot to order some so I used my own insulin needle and cut off the tip. Sometimes being a type 1 diabetic has it's advantages! HA

To fill the syringe you pull out the plunger and stick the glue nozzle inside and squeeze until it is filled. You will need to repeat this. Be sure to order extra syringes if you are not able to finish the project in one sitting because after you put the glue in they are impossible to clean.

To begin you will glue the beads for the medallion in the center working around. Just cut off the thread after you set it into the glue. I used a kabob stick from my kitchen drawer to fit the beads in but a toothpick would do the trick too.

After you have the solid beading for the medallion finished, use your multi-strand to make the final loop around it. Then you should begin at the front twisting back and forth with the strand.


My next project? 
 These Giuseppe Zanotti boots, I saw them last year in a resale store .... still asking $400, so I am thinking I could do it myself using old jewelry taken apart, gems from the craft store and finds from unexpected places. Have fun creating!

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