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Sunday, March 12, 2017

How to Do Spring's New Nude Lip

One of the beauty looks that transcend the seasons is the nude lip, having its extended moment in the spotlight, showing up on celebrities, runways, and in magazine editorials.  Not since the early nineties when Mac’s Spice Lip Liner and lipstick ruled across the board has the neutral lip been so ubiquitous.  Not to be confused with a bare lip, the nude lip actually has color and depth and leaves the lips looking done rather than ignored.  So, no, you can’t just whack on some lip balm and call it a day if you want to channel this flattering beauty look. 

The difference between spring’s nude lip is that it isn’t overly matte like previous seasons.  Look for formulas that are creamy for depth, or have a touch of shine, to avoid that nude-mauve cadaver lip that flatters on one, especially when it is combined with a very matte complexion, excessive contour, and obvious lip liner. Speaking of lip liner, choose a neutral shade that compliments a variety of skin tones and lip colors, or match your lipstick color.  Use a lip brush to blend, blend, blend.  Repeat after me: no visible lip liner. 

There are nude lip shades to match every complexion so do your research.  For a neutral makeup palette match it with a nude eye color, and pay attention to groomed brows and lashes, as these will stand out more without much variation in color, to complete the look.  A nude manicure finishes the look and doesn’t make the nails compete with the face. 

For a rosier neutral palette, try nudes with undertones of pink, which looks great on lighter skin tones and gives the complexion a fresh look. Copper and peach tones do the same for darker complexions.  Avoid nude colors with shades of mauve as this is not an undertone of skin, and the point of a nude makeup palette is to enhance and define your actual skin and features.

Whether you want to achieve a barely-there nude lip, or an overall neutral palette with depth, there are more shades and formulas than ever before and one size does not fit all. Try several different shades and textures for a variety of beauty looks, and you will be right on trend.  The new nude lip is here to stay – at least until the beauty pendulum swings sharply in the other direction.     

                                                             XOXO  Shelley

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Monday, March 6, 2017

Model Crush Monday – Breakout Star Halima Aden

It happens once in a very blue moon: lightening strikes, the earth quakes, and a unicorn appears, throwing the fashion world into a frenzy.  The Fall 2017 Fashion week season has been tumultuous to say the least, with accusations of model abuse and lack of diversity, but just when you think there are no positive fashion-world headlines coming forth, a unicorn does indeed appear and this one has grabbed the attention of people around the world, not just in fashion circles.  Her name is Halima Aden, the first hijab-wearing model to be signed by IMG after groundbreaking turns on the runways of Yeezy, Max Mara, and Alberta Ferretti, hijab and all. 

Born into a refugee camp and immigrating to the US at age six, the 19 year old Somali-American has a personal mission to put forth positive role model images of Muslim women and dreams of a future helping women and children just as she was helped as a child.  Her first breakout moment was competing in the Miss Minnesota pageant wearing her hijab and a burkini for the swimsuit competition, after which she received accolades for her positive portrayal of a Muslim woman in a political atmosphere that doesn’t support such a mission. 

Halima is more than her hijab or a Muslim, and is, in fact, a stunning beauty being championed by Carine Roitfeld of CR Fashion Book, landing on the cover photographed by Mario Sorrenti.  Supermodels Gigi and Bella Hadid, and fellow Somali-born supermodel Iman are cheering her on, as are editors and designers.  

Diversity and inclusiveness in the fashion world are so rare that Halima is forcing the door wide open for models of other races not represented in the industry.  And she is doing it with heart, enthusiasm, a gorgeous braces-wearing smile, and most importantly, a voice.  Halima’s journey is important for many reasons. Teen Muslim girls will see there are new opportunities for them to shine and to see Muslim women presented in media in a positive way.  Hopefully, Halima and other beautiful exotic women of all races will begin to break down barriers in the fashion industry for a more accurate reflection of the world, making it the colorful and original industry it claims to be. 

                                                             XOXO Shelley

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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Easy Contouring and Highlighting Using the Top New Makeup Palettes for Spring 2017

Winter skin can use a little help in a glow department as forced heat, biting cold temperatures, and dry air can leave your complexion looking flat and depleted.  The new bronzing and highlighting palettes for spring have the perfect shades to contour, blush, and highlight your face to give the illusion of a recent trip somewhere warm and sunny. 

If you are new to contouring and highlighting and are tempted by these colorful palettes, rest assured there is one for everyone, and a few simple steps can turn you into a pro without spending hours and hours combing through complicated YouTube videos for face-altering instructions.  Do it right and you will end up looking like you, only better.

First apply your foundation and concealer using a blending sponge and angled brush. 

Next apply translucent powder to set the makeup using a fluffy brush.

Start with the bronze or darkest color in the palette and using a contouring brush, apply it underneath your cheekbones and above and along the jawline. 

Follow with the blush, applying it to the apples of your cheeks up to your temples.  Apply a little bit of blush at first and build it up until you have the right amount to not look flushed. You want to look healthy but not like you just ran around the block ten times. 

Finally, use the lightest color in the palette, the highlighter, applying it to the top of your cheekbones under your eye sockets, down the center of the nose, dotting the tip of your chin, and finally the center of your forehead.  Remember to start with a little and apply more if you need to.  If you go to far with any of the three colors you can always top them with a bit of translucent powder to take the intensity down a notch. 

Most importantly keep blending for a flawless, non-stripey look.  Stripes are in, but not on your face! 

                                                            XOXO Shelley

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