Monday, March 4, 2013

Kelly Ripa's halo hair extensions - Exclusive insider tip on where to get it!

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Gotta love Kelly Ripa for "keeping it real!" and revealing one of the best kept secret weapons of Real Housewives, Beauty Queens, models and celebrities to her audience live on Dec 20 ... extra hair. 

The down to earth star who is always able to laugh at herself, took off a significant chunk of her mane for all to see even though her producer wasn't so sure, worried she would scare her audience and actually said so on the air. Unlike the bad weaves and glue-in weft mishaps that we have seen on stars before, the halo shaped hair extensions are virtually undetectable and undeniably real looking. And Ms Ripa proved it. Watch it here:

Over a year ago, Marie Claire wrote about her stylist, Ryan Trygstad's "BeautyFalls". This is reportedly a man who knows his way around fake hair- making hair pieces for Demi Moore, Gwyneth Paltrow and Jessica Chastain to name a few, but instead of the usual 6 hour extension session this hairy attachment only requires a minute or less to put on and remove, Plus you can do it yourself, wash, style it over and over again! 

Kelly's "wigston" as she named it, will set you back a cool $475 at Trygstad's NYC salon, after being customized to match your color and cut, but don't worry there's a less expensive option available to the ordinary girl wanting some extra-ordinary hair from a company online that sells the Hidden Crown  online for just $250 {HERE}

The Halo Crown hair is 100% human hair with a silky texture and easy to wear. Simple to adjust, nothing to glue or clip in; just a small invisible transparent thread in front to hide that is easily covered with your own hair. I guess the weight of your natural hair once pulled over keeps in place because I actually flipped my head up and down and side to side and it never fell off! GENIUS!

If any of you would like to buy them here is the link to the Hidden CROWN The color options are huge and although you may think it's hard to match your color you'd be surprised how easy it is to do.

Here's to having it all Goldilocks!

Watch below to see me put this extension on in 30 seconds live for TV.

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  2. Looking beautiful is very important and hair helps to add on to one's beauty. Great post and i love it. Interesting post. Thanks for sharing it..

  3. what color is Kelly wearing ?

  4. Kelly's halo was custom colored for her. If your hair has alot of shading or different tones you'll need to customize. The cool thing is that because this is human hair you can add a toner or dye it. But you'll want to be careful not to go one or two shade lighter/darker since the hair has already been processed/colored once.

  5. Will it still stay even thought you play sports?

    1. Surprisingly it stays in place even if you rock your head up and down - which I did on air in the beauty segment above for NBC. Although I wouldn't recommend swimming with them at the beach!

  6. The results were fantastic! No wonder you can’t get enough of hair extensions. And I see that you’re doing a great job maintaining the volume and shine of your hair, be it extensions or your natural hair strands. Keep it up and stay lovely!
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